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Accessing the Workshop

Rumination Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

 If you have registered for this workshop, you will have received an email that includes an access code. Please type in the access code you were provided with into the section below, and press the "go" tab.

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If you have not yet registered for this workshop and would like to view it, please click the "purchase" button below and you will be directed to the registration and payment page.

Rumination Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Prof. Ed Watkins presents a half-day workshop on rumination focused cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Document Name

Part two


If you would like to receive Continuing Education (CE) credits, you will need to complete the Evaluation Form and the Knowledge Quiz for this workshop.
Please download both the Evaluation Form and Knowledge Quiz below. 
Both forms are fillable PDFs, so you can record your responses directly into them. When you have completed both forms, please email them to: with the subject heading "CE credit material". If you receive a score over 75% on the knowledge quiz (8 out of 10 responses correct), a certificate will be emailed to you for completion of the approved CE credits.
Please note, if you don't receive over 75% on the quiz, you can retake the quiz and resubmit it.

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